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Love Over Bias
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The Procter and Gamble campaign Love Over Bias is using their Olympic sponosorship to celebrate Mom’s helping their children overcome bias. Olympic medalist Elana Meyers Taylor and Aja Evans, as they prepare for the Winter Olympics, joined the campaign to help spread the word. TheBLACKMedia interviewed the Bobsled pioneers discovering even Olympians deal with bias.

“To be able to do this with my Mom is so much fun, she’s a big supporter, she’s gonna love me even if I give the wrong answer to the media!” – Elana Meyers Taylor

Considering the Olympic sport is a unifying country sport, you’d think these Women wouldn’t face racial, and sexist bias, but they do. In the Love Over Bias campaign you see that the love of a mother, can conquer adversity. Both Elana and Aja are Women of colour with two very different experiences, but both leading in the movement of Women Bobsledders, which since the 1800s was only men, white men, then men of colour, making it’s Olympic debut in 1924. Almost 60 years later in 1983 Women’s Bobsledding premiered in the Olympic games, making Aja and Elana a big part in a growing history where bias is still prevalent.

Elana Meyers Taylor On Olympic Bias:

“Winter sport’s like Skiing and Bobsledding is male dominated and don’t get a lot of people of colour”, which was a shock to TheBLACKMedia, considering the 1993 film Cool Runnings was a major success. That film inspired many who’d never seen people of colour in Bobsledding, including Olympic Medalist Aja Evans.

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Elana being a mixed woman of colour says; “the world see’s me as Black, and I’m truly proud of my heritage, I am a Woman of colour, I’m mixed, and I work hard to represent who I am, all of me Columbian, Black, mixed, everyone should just represent who you are and be true to yourself, as you see in the Love Over Bias campaign”. A true statement indeed.

Photo credit: Hitesh Toolsidass Elana Meyers Taylor And Family

Aja Evans On Olympic Bias:

“To the world athletes are put on a pedal stool, but we deal with real work issues and it gets tough for us. Growing up in Chicago feeling like you’re in a box because you’re a person of colour and a girl, it was my mother who exposed me to all types of sports regardless. This campaign embraces my skin colour and my journey, we are not super heroes we are still human beings and we deal with the same things.”

Aja shared with TheBLACKMedia that track and field was her sport of choice, but whilst in college her coach inspired her to join Bobsledding. Also the film Cool Runnings helped Aja see people of colour in strength, she quit track and field and was working as a sports training helping other realize her goals, when she realized her dreams are just as important.

Photo credit: Hitesh Toolsidass Aja Evans And Her Mother

Both Aja and Elana told TheBLACKMedia that the common bias experiences like the looks, the laughs, and ideology that because they are Woman they are incapable of male precedented success. But with the help of their Mom’s, the support of their team, these Olympic Medalist are on their way to the Winter Olympics to continue to make strides in the sport of Bobsledding, as proud Women of colour thanking their Mom’s along the way.

Love Over Bias Campaign:

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  1. ALL women are women of color!!! Beige IS a color Aja! Focus on our human similarities, our oneness, not our separateness please! Best of luck to you at rhe Olympics!!! Go Team USA!!!

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