LAPD Bodycam Shows Cops May’ve Planted Cocaine On A Black Suspect

LAPD Bodycam ronald shields

The LAPD bodycam internal investigation is underway for officers who arrested Ronald Shields back in April for a hit and run, but ended up being charged with possession of cocaine. The sworn testimony by officer Samuel Lee contradicts what’s shown in the video. This is the first time bodycam footage from an actual police investigation has been released to the media, and thousands are wondering why Samuel Lee lied in his report. Is it a charge of possession if it’s found on the ground and the video clearly shows no one reacting to seeing it fall out of his wallet? No…

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The report said officer Samuel Lee found the cocaine in suspect Ronald Shields left pocket, but the video clearly shows a small packet of cocaine being picked up from the ground and placed inside of the wallet by an officer, indicating it was not found inside Ronalds left pocket. So why lie? Whether or not Ronald was actually carrying or using cocaine is not the major concern, the concern here is, why is it, yet again, a conspiracy surrounding the legitimacy of police officers when it comes to men of colour?

Men Of Colour And Police

For years Black men have been the target of police brutality and constant predatorial advancement often seen as guilty for breathing. It’s moments like these where cops could simply do their job, instead of trying to further destroy this Ronalds life by simply telling the truth. The cocaine was not found in his possession, which means his charge would only be the felony hit and run, why try to add on to it? Are there prizes for the cop who finds the most criminal activity? Like a million dollars or something we are unaware of? Because there’s no reason for this other than prejudice.

After the LAPD bodycam footage was released, the LAPD told the investigative reporter that an internal investigation is underway. Whether or not this actually happens is up to the reporter and his determination to follow up with the LAPD. The lesson here is, even bodycam’s aren’t enough to reform the system, so something must be done. How hard is it to retrain the nations force to see Men of colour as something other than criminal? And how hard is it to reform the justice system so that men and women who are criminals do time that actually will reform them? Not very hard at all, other country’s have no problem with it, but Amerikkka likes this system, and it’s our job to never let our foots of their neck!

The Actual LAPD Bodycam Footage:

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