Delete Facebook Post 2017 New Update Removes Option We Have A Fix!

delete facebook post 2017
Facebook recently removed the option to delete Facebook post. November 16th 2017 we noticed this update went into effect. The very next day, the delete option was re-added, however, you can still use the options below if this happens again, or is removed completely. The option available, instead of deleting post, is to change the date of the post or to refresh the attachment. Great options, but removing delete was not necessary.

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This can get very dangerous, and very irritating especially if you wish to dabble in the “post and delete” culture. Dangers of older post you wish to delete from immature days so that your new boss doesn’t see, or something possibly incriminating from a night out partying etc. TheBLACKMedia has found a work around especially for users who curate Facebook Pages, and Profiles.

How To Delete Facebook Post From Page:

These work arounds were discovered via Desktop, although they should work via phone as well. Although we are unsure of how long this will last, the current work around is as follows.

  • While on your PAGE Timeline. Instead of the usual clicking the three dots atop the post and pressing delete (which is removed) simply click the date and time of the post. (see photos)
The Old Way To Delete A Post By Clicking Those Three Dots And Pressing Delete No Longer Exists

The New Way To Delete Post On Page Click The Date And Time Of Post
  • Once you click the date and time of the post you wish to delete, you will be brought to a single post url. Once there, NOW click the three dots and the delete option should be available. (see photo below)

The delete option on PAGES is now only made available once you click the date and time of the post.

How To Delete Facebook Post From Profile:

Even though it’s not exactly deleting, as the method above does not seem to work on Facebook profiles, it does remove the post from anyone seeing it, which is the same as deleting. While we’re not sure how long this will last, it is a quick fix.

  • On your Facebook Profile, Visit your PROFILE, not your home page/timeline or business page, and find the post you wish to “delete”.
  • Next to the date/time of that post Click the “Who Should See” Icon.
  • Click the “More” option, and select ONLY ME — Now it’s “deleted” Only you can see it! (See photos)
Next to the date/time click the Who Can See This icon

Using the option in Who Should See This helps you “delete” a post from your PROFILE timeline and home page so that only YOU can see it

Unfortunately Facebook has changed this, hopefully it’s a glitch and they change it back, but if not, then at least these work arounds provide deletion. Leave comments if you have any questions or any ideas of how to permanently delete post from Facebook Profiles.

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