Watch Tiffany Haddish SNL Opening Monologue And Hilarious Sketches

Tiffany Haddish SNL opening monologue

Tiffany Haddish hosted SNL this Saturday Nov 11th 2017 as the first Black female comedian to do so. Even though Maya Rudolf, a mixed woman of colour hosted before, Tiffany Haddish is the first Black woman. With an expressive personality, raspy voice, and energetic need to be, Tiffany proved she is a star through and through. One of the hardest audiences to please is a room full of white folks who you’re not always sure is interested in your skin colour, but that didn’t stop Tiffany Haddish SNL shine. Tiffany’s ability to commit to being funny and not acting funny sets her apart from the rest.

Tiffany Haddish New Book

The opening monologue was hilarious! Tiffany spoke about Girls Trip making lots of money, but jokingly not receiving any, and she thanked everyone who payed taxes in the 90s when she was in foster care. Tiffany Haddish SNL opening was iconic, looking like a Queen from Coming To America! She even mentioned Donald Trump’s wig support being great, and how men who have their penis out when a woman has all of her clothes on being a strong indication that something’s wrong was hilarious!

Tiffany Haddish SNL Opening Monologue

Tiffany Haddish As Boo Boo Jefferies In A Mortal Kombat Gamer Con Sketch;

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