K Michelle New Single Kim K A Brilliant Dichotomy Of Race And Media

k michelle Kim K

K. Michelle’s new single Kim K is a revealing record that tackles race, media, past relationships, and societies standards. Known for being vocal about the industry and how people of colour are treated versus non-people of colour, Kim K is the icing on the cake from K. Michelle. White musicians are often granted more, than Blacks, K Michelle undertones that in this amazing record.

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Kim K is a brilliant dichotomy as it uses race and media in contrast to reveal the reality in-between the unspoken, yet known, inequalities. Because it’s such a great song, if you’re not careful, you may miss the major gems and ideology of the record. Short for Kim Kardashian, K. Michelle uses Kim K to make listeners aware of the similarities, that are seemingly different.

Kim K Lyrical Break Down:

K Michelle opened the record with a sort of guide to what the rest of the song will be about by saying; “Why when I do this shit they / mad When they do this shit they glad?”. They which is often used to mean non-people of colour, controllers of society and media, and oppressed people unaware that their choices are heavily influenced by the system which often results in white acceptance. Simply put, the lyric means, how come Black people, when they do things similar to whites, are attacked, versus when whites do the same and are applauded for it?

“Black girl who’s angry / Media can’t stand me / I may never get this Grammy / But I’mma feed my family!” Another powerful lyric that challenges the music system who often make outspoken Women of colour an enemy. The undertone here is that the Academy often views this outspokenness as a negative thing and bars certain hardworking artist from receiving Grammy’s because of it, especially if they speak out against the spoils of the industry, secrets they wish to keep secret. In the end, K. Michelle let’s us know that even though she exists within those parameters, she’s going to grind to feed her family, she’ll be alright.

K Michelle even mentioned her relationship with Idris Elba. She’s mentioned their relationship before and her being in love with him, but in this lyric she describe that oppressive way of thinking that sometimes enter into the minds of people of colour when it comes to our own, hierarchy. As if K Michelle, BA holding, multi-instrumentalist, classical pianist, singer, business woman and mother is not worthy of Idris by saying; “Wuzzup with all you black women? I date a Black man named Idris You say “[I’m] ghetto, he trippin,” You’d rather him with white women How you don’t like me, no When you just like me, oh!”. Reminding all women of colour, we are all more alike than different.

K. Michelle Kim K Single:

Possibly the most powerful lyric from the single is; “Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be Black”. There’s almost no singer in the industry who’s ever truly mentioned Black aesthetics breeched by whites as if it’s the “new Black”, but K Michelle tackles it with a simple lyric and over all message in this amazing new record. Making reference to the Kardashian’s and the way their lips are injected, buttocks, thighs, and bodies to resemble curves often associated with Women of Colour to attract men of colour, but with their white skin.

It’s a topic so taboo even writing this is making my heart jump, but that’s only because I too am oppressed and when you step outside of that oppression and speak on the reality, it can be fearful. K Michelle may be fearful, but she is fearlessly leading the conversation in this new record.

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