Lowell Hawthorne Golden Krust Founder Commits Suicide In Bronx Factory

Lowell Hawthorne

Golden Krust founder and CEO Lowell Hawthorne dies from an apparent suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound. Saturday December 2nd the police involved on the case ruled Lowell’s death, in his Bronx factory, a suicide with no foul play. The Jamaican born emigrant, who started a restaurant that became a franchise with over 100 locations in the U.S where beef patties are the main staple, left behind a family of business owners and a great place to eat comfort food.

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Lowell Hawthorne was a pioneer and an inspiration who had hopes and dreams that by 2020 Amerikkkans would know beef patties. Looks like his dream will come true. His death will be remembered, and his legacy will continue as his family will continue the restaurant chain; “His four children are Daren, a lawyer who’s corporate counsel; Omar, director of franchising; Monique who runs the company’s foundation and Haywood, vice president of manufacturing.”NYP

Rest With Jesus Lowell Hawthorne:

His suicide came as a surprise to many workers, and family members around him. Lowell was even cited writing a beautiful message on Facebook in late November, none of which indicated suicide, which further legitimizes psychologist theories that state; “you never truly know what a person is going through”. Suicide is a real depression that occurs too many times, and while this case, as many expressed, could very well be a cover up of sorts, if anyone is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to us at info@theblackmedia.org if you need someone to talk to, or see the image below.

As a New Jersey native, Golden Krust has always and will forever be that place to go to when you’re low on money, but want a great beef patty, and comfort food. Lowell set his family up, a genius idea with an amazing outcome, an inspiration to all people of colour and those born in a different country who come to Amerikkka to make their dreams come true. You can achieve anything, Lowell did it, you can too!

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