Exclusive: Remey Williams Far Away Music Video Premiere A Powerful Tribute

remey williams far away
Remey Williams, Photos: By Oath Mag

Indie Artist Remey Williams premieres his debut music video Far Away exclusively on TheBLACKMedia.org. A few years ago Remey lost his mother to breast cancer, and he decided to dedicate this record to her. It’s a powerful record that embodies his inner feelings expressed outwardly. Deemed New Jersey’s own Vocal Bible, Remey is not just an artist, he’s a sanger, and Far Away is just an extension of his gift.

Remey Williams Cover Photo Shoot

Remey hopes to inspire anyone who listens to encourage them to release their thoughts and let out what they hold in. Remey is one of the few Indie artist creating, and releasing quality music all on his own with no major label, and when your music is lyrically and vocally powerful more so than that of what’s currently on the radio and at number one, it’s nothing to glaze over. He is gifted!

Exclusive: Far Away Music Video Premiere

#FarAway is about feeling my mothers presence [and] even though I can feel her spirit she’s still far away from me…” – Remey Williams

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