Jennifer Hudson – Burden Down New Single Is A Powerful Realization

Jennifer Hudson released Burden Down end of 2017 and its picking up much traction after her recent #BurdenDownChallenge. A powerful ballad that features Jennifer Hudson in her element, powerhouse vocals, stunning performance, and depth. Considering the recent separation from her Ex-Fiance the topic of the record makes you wonder, if she’s taking the advice from her record and laying her burdens down.

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“I’m a river, I keep running on, I’m a pillar you got used to leaning on, Underneath it, there’s a person, I’m a woman and I’m hurting, ‘Cause I feel like I’m holding up the world”. A powerful realization that millions can connect to. Sometimes we do too much and neglect ourselves. Self-care is important and this song is a great reminder to play over and over telling you to take care of yourself, because when you lay your burdens down, there’s relief, there may be worry, but that relief can help you figure that out.

Burden Down Music Video

Burden Down Live

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