Jay-Z – Family Feud Featuring Beyonce Now On Youtube A Full Cast Of Excellence

Jay-Z is still releasing music videos and singles off his ground breaking hit album 4:44 and has finally released, via Youtube, the most talked about music video of 2018 Family Feud, featuring Beyonce. The full star studded cast features Michael B. Jordan, Niecy Nash, Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and so many more. Directed by Ava DuVernay, this super short film, aka music video, is a stunning visual that dives into the complex relationship of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Jennifer Hudson Delivers A Powerful Performance

If the lyrics weren’t enough, the music video reveals what possibly happened in their popular relationship. A very symbolic music video, if youre not careful you may miss the point, sometimes families feud, but a change is an easy fix. Showing a possible history through time was a brilliant idea. Especially showing all races, class, and type of Women change the structure that so desperately needs to be changed. As a rule of thumb, idolize your own relationship and allow yourself to be in love with yourself and your significant other, you never know what really happens in anyone’s picture perfect, or not so perfect relationship.

Jay-Z Family Feud:

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