Ciara Explains Her #LevelUp Post Which Made Her Trend On Twitter

Ciara trended on Twitter, Sunday January 21st, after reposting a video with the hashtag #LevelUp. In the video, a pastor preached a sermon about women walking in the spirit of girlfriend, when they should be walking in the spirit of wife. This simple hashtag made Ciara trend for hours placing her in the number one trending spot on twitter.

Many of the tweets that followed supported Ciara in her notion to level up. Many did not. Ciara took to social media to clear up what she meant when she said level up. A response no one expected. If she’s smart, she’d write a song called “Level Up” and truly start a buzz.

Ciara #LevelUp BUZZ Via Twitter:

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ #Ciara started to trend on Sunday. Like many, we hoped that the songstress might have finally shared a photo of her baby girl with #RussellWilson. _____________________________________ However, the singer was facing backlash for a video she reposted on social media from a sermon performed by #JohnGray. _____________________________________ In the sermon, Gray talked about women acting like girlfriends opposed to already acting like a wife prior to marriage. Cici reposted the video with the caption “#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.” _____________________________________ The post began to spark a debate on whether or not Ciara had a point. Some argued that she had a point seeing how she is now in a loving marriage. While others thought she had some nerve seeing how she had a few relationships prior to her current one. _____________________________________ Swipe and check out what they’re saying on Twitter, and let us know your thoughts? (📹: @realjohngray/ @iamericbates)

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Ciara #LevelUp Response:

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