Watch Cardi B Shine In ALEXA Super Bowl Commercial By Amazon #CardiLexa

Cardi B lands a major Super Bowl commercial with Amazon’s ALEXA, and amongst many superstars Cardi B shines as the NYC Latina version of Alexa.

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Apparently Alexa loses her voice, and costumers who own Alexa try to use it, different celebrities, including Cardi, are the new voices. When asked where Mars is, #CardiLexa answers hilariously, standing in a beautiful home with a vintage Hollywood look, Cardi B becomes, CardiLexa.

Cardi B As CardiLexa (coined by TheBLACKMedia):

Cardi B has become the music industries new it girl, wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her in film and tv next. Cardi B was made for tv, although she’s making music history, it’s clear she shines when in front of the camera.

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