Mo’Nique Posts NETFLIX Emails After Being Labeled A Liar By Jawn Murray

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MoNique, after being labeled a liar by pop gossip reporter [He Confirms He’s Not A Pop Gossip Reporter] Jawn Murray, revealed confidential emails that came from NETFLIX showing her deal, and what NETFLIX offered her.

Jawn, who had a tit for tat with Mo’Nique via Twitter and Instagram, made an hour long video disrespecting Mo’Nique calling her a former Hollywood star (which she’s not), and referencing her husband/manager as “that husband of hers”, appears to have a personal vendetta against Mo’Nique. Jawn expressed he received emails that where about Will Packers thoughts on Mo’Nique, and while Will has yet to confirm, Will did like a video by Jawn on Instagram where Jawn explains why Mo’Nique is not the most decorated comedian alive.

The fighting between our people has to stop, especially when it gets messy.

Whether you agree with Jawn’s speculation, or with Mo’Nique’s receipts, the fact remains, she was low balled, so was Wanda Sykes, and so have many women of colour in the past. The issue Mo’Nique shined a light on, as she said she; “may never work in Hollywood again after this, and [she’s] okay with that”, is one that now has a major spotlight, and will hopefully resolve gender and bias disparity in the work place.

MoNique’s NETFLIX Emails:

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