Mo’Nique Released Emails By Will Packer Citing The Truth Behind The Scenes

Mo’Nique, ahead of the Super Bowl, posted emails from Will Packer to Mo’Nique’s husband and manager, Sidney Hicks about pertinent issues during her “Almost Christmas” shooting, which she stayed quiet about for almost two years until now.

MoNique Released NETFLIX Emails

Will Packer sent a very detailed, long email to Hicks Media citing Sidney as the reason Mo’Nique is often in bad situations, claiming Sidney’s accusations about production are unfounded. Mo’Nique also released a never before seen video on set where trailer blew up during production, in which Will Packer never apologized for, or checked in with Mo’Nique and Sidney.

Considering Will Packer is a producer, wouldn’t that be the job of a producer on set?

The emails show a heated exchange between the two parties with Will expressively pointing out that Sidney does not deserve to communicate with him. Sidney also implies Will’s relationship with his “assistant” is not professional, which is often mentioned as a point of reference when it comes to calling into question Will’s professionalism in regards to how Mo’Nique treated “the staff”.

Mo’Nique is brave for coming out strong against a Hollywood power executive, knowing she may never work in Hollywood again, but she probably wouldn’t’ve released these emails if it weren’t for Jawn Murray only releasing part of the email exchange.

Moments like these seldom come around. Hollywood is often glamorized, you often think everyone likes everyone in the business. You see people on red carpets and think, they can’t hate each other, but we never see behind the scenes.

From the looks of it, it seems like there’s a lot more to the story, and Mo’Nique has a right to clear her name. The emails, although long, prove yet again, that Mo’Nique and Sidney’s behavior isn’t wrong, unfounded, difficult, or erratic, but warranted, business-minded, and worthy.

Often times in Hollywood, the latter is a set up for being labeled, “difficult to work with”, but its not always true.

Mo’Nique On Will Packer And Jawn Murray:


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