Viola Davis On Racial Bias Wage Gap & Resume “Pay Me What I’m Worth!”

Viola Davis was recently interviewed by legend Tina Brown in Hollywood on Valentines Day and spoke candidly about severe wage inequality dealing with Women of Colour.

Pay Me What Im Worth Tee’s

During her interview Viola Davis informed the audience that many people in the business refer to her as the Black Meryl Streep, in which Viola replied; “Okay, then if there’s no one like me, you think I’m that, then you pay me what I’m worth…and even in terms of roles”. Viola listed many reasons why non-women of colour are paid much higher, some of which dealt with education, resume, and reach, which Viola proudly listed: her career of over 30 years, the only Black Actress to receive the Triple Crown of Acting (Tony, Oscar, Emmy), she’s done hit television shows, films, and Broadway and still says she is no where near the amount of money, or offers her counterparts have with the similar resumes.

It’s simple guys. It’s because she is Black, and for many years the Hollywood secret cyclical ceiling shared amongst the top is; make them famous, not rich.

Academy Award winner Mo’Nique recently complained about the same thing, but was met with rejection amongst many. Viola Davis, who is currently the star of the hit television drama “How To Get Away With Murder” is saying the exact same thing Mo’Nique is; pay me what I’m worth, if you believe I am a legend, then why do I make way less then my white counterparts?

Many of you would say, she needs better management, she needs better agents, unaware of one thing. Why is Viola or Mo’Nique to blame? Why isn’t it ever on the people continuously oppressing, cheating, and ripping off people of colour?

Viola Davis On Wage Gap:

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