Black Panther Record Shattering Box Office 200+ Million Historic Debut

Over the February 16th weekend The Black Panther had the fifth largest opening in cinematic history making $200+ million in US box office revenue, an unprecedented win for people of colour in entertainment, and in viewership, and a final $234 million adding Presidents Day sales.

Fun Fact: Black Panther Was Shot At Tyler Perry Studio’s The First In The New Campus In Atlanta

Making over $200 million dollars internationally, the total gross of the film since its international run, screenings, and early viewings starting January 29th, The Black Panther made over $400 million dollars. Considering Hollywood often tells actors of colour, directors, writers, and non-people of colour that Black people aren’t able to make money overseas, when we pull historic numbers like these, not only do we dispel the myth, but we do it effortlessly.

We are great Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Entertainers, Directors, Stage Hands, Street Sweepers, Maids, Bus Drivers, Chefs, Cooks, Educators, and Human Beings, don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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The Black Panther also made history has the largest debut in February since the beginning of movie history. A special unconsidered tribute to Black History Month, the Blackest film ever created scored the highest debut during our ancestral month? EPIC!

With an expected four day gross of over 235 million, The Black Panther will be the third highest four day box office breaker in the history of film.

If you didn’t know, this film was Co-Written and fully directed by Ryan Coogler a 31 year old Afrikan American male, who aside from his short films, has only made Three Hollywood films that has accumulated almost 600 million dollars!

If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, you should.

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