Michael B. Jordan Adopts Inclusion Rider To His Company Outlier Society

Michael B. Jordan announced via social media that he is adopting an inclusion rider, which was recently made popular by Academy Award winner Frances McDormand’s 2018 acceptance speech.

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An inclusion rider is an extra entry in entertainment contracts that will demand production companies to include diversity if said entertainer is going to be apart of the film, tv show, or project. Much like a rider that insures travel, food, dressing room and on set amenities, this inclusion rider will follow suit, but create a more comfortable, ideal work space for entertainers within the white patriarchal industry.

Michael B. Jordan is declaring that his production company Outlier Society, will, for all projects, adopt the inclusion rider, which will make Hollywood pay attention as he is the newest A list heart throb.

Michael B. Jordan Inclusion Rider Announcement;

“In support of the women & men who are leading this fight, I will be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all projects produced by my company Outlier Society. I’ve been privileged to work with powerful woman & persons of color throughout my career & it’s Outlier’s mission to continue to create for talented individuals going forward. If you want to learn more about how to support the cause – link in bio. #OutlierSociety#AnnenbergInclusionInitiative”

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