Rachel Dolezal’s Son Franklin Speaks Out On New NETFLIX Documentary

Nkechi Amare Diallo, also known as Rachel Dolezal will be starring in her own documentary coming to NETFLIX April 27th 2017, as she prepares to release her new book.

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The documentary, The Rachel Divide, will show Rachel preparing for the book’s release, her family’s response to her 2015 controversial identification scandal, and the truth about who Rachael really is. In 2015 only 7 years after Nkechi Amare Diallo failed to win a law suit against Howard University based on race claims that because she’s white she didn’t get funding, Rachel Dolezal declared herself Black.

Rachel, a fully white woman of German and Czech decent as confirmed by her parents and genealogist, self identifies as Black, and while her mixed children are in fact Black, she is not.

Her son Franklin Diallo finally gets a chance to tell his side of the experience in a very candid, curse-filled delivery that’s painful to watch. Franklin says he does not want his Mother to release her book as it will cause more harm to the family and talking about the book, and how his Mother identifies is draining.

For many this would be child abuse, but is this a case of sever mental health issues of wanting to belong, or is this just another way into Hollywood, by any means necessary?

The Rachel Divide:

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