Flava In Ya Ear Rapper Craig Mack Dies At 46 Years Old

Flava In Ya Ear Rapper Craig Mack, of Bad Boy Entertainment, passed March 12th 2018, which Funk Flex announced via Instagram and Twitter.

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Craig Mack was a famed rapper who’s record “Flava In Ya Ear” has been used in film, television, and commercials since its release in 1994, as one of the go to songs. Because of Biggie Smalls appearance in the remix of Flava In Ya Ear, Biggie Smalls became a breakout star amongst the other rappers on the record, and with the release of Biggie’s first album, Craig Mack’s career became overshadowed by Biggies success, but never did it remove what Craig Mack did for the culture.

Funk Flex announced his death, close friends, and Michelle Joyce former director of marketing at Bad Boy confirmed to CNN, no word on how he passed, however he was ill for some time, but we will update as soon as the information surfaces.

Funk Flex;

Rest In Peace! Good brother… #CraigMack …. Alvin Toney love my brother…

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