Tiffany Haddish On Hosting The Oscars “As Long As I Get A Pay Check”

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Tiffany Haddish, while on a panel during SXSW, said she’d love to host the Oscars one year, but only if they paid her, which comes after presenting at the Oscars and not getting paid.

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Being SAG/AFTRA actors, you’d think the union would make rules about appearing on a television award show where millions of viewers tune in, that if you present you’d get paid for that. Apparently Tiffany Haddish thought she’d be getting paid, as she should’ve, but ended up not getting paid, not receiving a gift basket, or anything for her skit with Maya Rudolf.

Black actors and entertainers are sick of making white millionaires billionaires from our works, and likeness, and no longer are we staying silent about it.

Even though Tiffany used a joking manner to express her disdain for not getting paid, the point is true and clear. Pay me what I’m worth, that’s the only way i’ll do it, if not, I can’t, which has been the theme for many women of colour in the industry, even before the #TimesUp movement.

Tiffany Haddish On Hosting The Oscars:

“In my mind, Maya [Rudolph] and I, we auditioned for the ultimate job because I thought we was getting paid for that presentation,” Haddish continued. “And then I found out we didn’t get paid, then I was like, ‘I heard about gift bags.’ And then they were like, ‘We don’t got no gift bags.’ And then I was like, ‘Well what do I get?’ and they [said], ‘We got a bottle of wine that’s like $13.’ So I had to buy the wine.” Page Six

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