India Arie On Why She Supports Mo’Nique; “Its Black Tax And Gender Pay Gap”

Multi-Grammy Winning Neo-Soul Legend India.Arie took to Twitter to show support to Academy Award Winning Actress, comedian Mo’Nique, who, over a month ago, exposed the entertainment industry for bias low wages, and false accusations towards her.

MoNique Brings More Receipts

India Arie used tweets by Gabrielle Union to make her point, which is, Black Women are often called difficult when they stand up for themselves, hold others accountable, and are not willing to accept anything less than what they deserve. The latter has been a known ideology for many years in entertainment, but in Black culture overall, and after the rise of the #TimesUp movement, Women, Black Women are done with being silent about mistreatment and false claims that damage their reputations.

India Arie reminded us of what we used to call; “that old Black Tax”, which is; “The experience that Black people have to work and perform twice as well as White people to get half as much.”

2018 presents as a progressive era, and year, but when you truly take a look at the journey of Amerikkka you will see we’ve not come a long way, we’ve only snailed just a foot or two from where we were. Chance The Rapper has come out in support of Mo’Nique, which oddly, has caused his fans to question him, it seems viewers of this month long realization are split, but Mo’Nique is still pressing on in her power, and more people are understanding her plight day by day.


India Arie On Why She Supports Mo’Nique;

Gabrielle Union left a comment on a popular tweet that asked; “Have you noticed when you refuse to be disrespected people call you “difficult”’. Gabrielle Union’s response prompted India.Arie to come out in support of Mo’Nique. Gabrielle said; “I’ve noticed I’ve been called difficult when I’ve asked for accountability.”

India Arie;

“I’ve been called difficult- when i demand accountability, take time for self care, speak difficult truths or stand up for myself at all lol. Some may not agree with [Mo’Nique’s] method or approach but shes NOT wrong. Its the black tax and the gender pay gap rolled into one.

Most people would be surprised to learn of the UTTER NONSENSE black woman artist have to accept just to CREATE. AND we STILL come thru and light the whole stage up. [Mo’Nique] is RIGHT and BRAVE. And handling it all so well, [respect!]

But there IS no right way FOR her to say. So i applaud [Mo’Nique] for speakig up at ALL! KNOWING shed be subjected to so much hate. Just to be clear where I stand aaaaannnd Love to all .”

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  1. Ummm, no. India would have a point if she was originally blackballed for something ONLY she did. Or she was asked to do something extra outside the norm. She wasn’t. She was asked to help promote the movie that earned her an Academy Award – a commonplace request. Lupita and Chadwick are doing it now for Black Panther – for free. It’s part of the job. She refused and had the nerve to ask for money! Then Netflix throws her a bone and she refuses then whines about the “low” pay. Other comedians as famous as she is have accepted less. Now it’s a mess because she’s famous for everything else but her talent.

  2. Mo’Nique was actually asked to do extra outside the norm. Mo’Nique was asked to do extra press overseas for a film she got paid only 50k for, she chose family, which is her given right, she did not have to promote that film AFTER already promoting the film extremely well during her press run in the US. Fact. Lupita, Chadwick and the cast, you have no idea what they are being paid prior to doing that film, and during promotion so bringing them up is invalid. Contractually promoting a film is apart of the job, once that’s over, anybody who does business will tell you, GET YOUR MONEY because youre worth it! If she did her contractual obligations then she’s done, end of story. Pay us what we are worth! White actors do it all the time and they get the money they deserve, do your research. “Netflix throws her a bone” prior to Netflix she starred in several films since that have been very successful, she did not need Netflix, they sought her out, and once she, YET AGAIN, was lowballed, she, after years of staying silent, decided to speak out in such a way that was so powerful, oppressed people like yourself shiver with hatred when she continues. “Other comedians as famous as she is have accepted less” let’s me know youre comfortable in your oppression, when do we say NO MORE WILL WE ACCEPT LESS?! Mo’Nique is not, and probably will never be infamous, she is still one of the greatest actresses and comedians of our time. A Simple fact. Thanks for leaving a comment, I encourage validity before trying to spread propaganda.

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