T-Boz “A Sick Life” Q&A Ends In A Must See Woke Lesson On Big PhRMA

T Boz A Sick Life Big PhRMA

T Boz stopped by her beloved Atlanta to do an interview, meet and greet/Q&A with supporters of her latest book “A Sick Life”. Moderated by music executive and industry vet Shanti Das of Silence The Shame, T-Boz’s long time friend, the evening was full of laugh, tears, and information. Fans of TLC and T Boz swarmed the Rich Auditorium in Atlanta, organized by Acappella Books. The evening was enlightening and fans left made aware of the spoils of Big PhRMA.

“Just Keep Taking These Medicines Cause’ We Gone Keep Taking Yo’ Money Cause’ We Don’t Really Want You To Live”

During the Q&A segment, TheBLACKMedia asked T-Boz to expand her thoughts on her HOT97 interview with the truth about Big PhRMA. As we explained last month, Big PhRMA, the pharmaceutical companies, would rather continue to give us medication, versus cure us completely, or spend money on preventative methods. With T-Boz at the front line of the disease she was diagnosed with as a child, Sickle Cell, she sees first hand how PhRMA and organizations “in support of health” often profit off of money, and don’t actually help anyone. The documentary “What The Health” explores this ideology and even exposes many truths, via Netflix.

T-Boz was told she would never have children, and that she’d die before 40. At 47 years old, T-Boz beat the odds of Sickle Cell and became an advocate of influence and education for the disease. She’s raised money, and even dedicated part of her book to it. Having had a cousin who died from Sickle Cell at the age the doctors said he would, she believes; “if you live sick, you’ll be sick”. Living her full life, T-Boz is sick of being quiet. A Sequence of images tales the evening. Laughter, tears, education:

During her HOT97 interview, T-Boz held accountable the SCDAA (Sickle Cell Disease Association Of America), for not helping her in her quest to educate the world. Considering she is apart of the best selling female group of all time, the SCDAA could utilize her reach and platform, but did not. T-Boz let everyone know about their lack of help, and was threatened with a lawsuit because of it.

Fearless, T Boz is still touring promoting “A Sick Life” and making sure everyone knows, she’s not scared of a lawsuit, she’s just trying to inform the world, and particularly people of colour, of Sickle Cell disease, and ways of prevention and help. Watch the exclusive footage below.

T Boz On Big PhRMA & SCDAA:

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