Junes Diary Sold Out Atlanta Concert Proves They Are Next In Line

June’s Diary sold out Center Stage’s Vinyl concert space, and with a packed crowd coming from all over to see them perform, delivered a worthy high throttle performance.

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Even though I was embarrassed, because for whatever reason my name, after confirming prior to showing up, was not on the press list, I was happy to see many people passing me with pre-bought tickets excited to see June’s Diary perform. With Frank Gatson at the helm of the girls group, which was formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank, you’d think the show would go on without a hitch, but after waiting from 7pm to about 8:26pm for anyone to even hit the stage, the audience quickly learned, June’s Diary is all on their own with Frank curating what he believes is the greatest group he’s ever worked with.

Fans of June’s Diary were surprised to learn that they’d not only be getting a concert, but also have a helping hand in picking songs to be on their debut EP.

Frank Gatson let everyone know June’s Diary recorded over 100 songs and will be releasing an EP of original music. While the idea to have fans choose, based on a 1-5 ranking system, their favorite tracks is brilliant, this idea should’ve been executed during the hour and a half long waiting period fans had sweating in the heat of Vinyl at Center Stage.

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There were three openers for June’s Diary who all delivered as best as they could with the girl group D.M.K standing out the most with their poppy sound, and vibrant expressions. One performer, who’s name was muffled and unmemorable delivered what many believed was a laughable performance, which June’s Diary should be careful of, as it can make people turn away, as it did the night of.

Considering Frank is doing all he can to support this group, and is unafraid to let us know, very candidly, fans of the group quickly forgave the minor nuisances that plagued the evening.

Once June’s Diary hit the stage the seemingly hundreds of people rushed forward, which pushed those in the front even closer to the stage, lifted their cell phones, and screamed so loud as if Janet Jackson or Beyonce’d walked in. JD truly has devote fans who enjoyed every cover song, original song, solo performance, acapella performance and surprise guest (Luke James, Elijah Kelley) the concert offered them, with very few complaints, fans left with one complaint artist love to hear; “I wish it could’ve been a bit longer”.

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