Mo’Nique Brings Staff Receipts After Gary Owen And Will Packer Comments

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Mo’Nique has been endlessly defending herself against Hollywood lies, and after Gary Owen, without knowing the truth, released a video chastising Mo’Nique for defending herself against Will Packer, Mo’Nique brought receipts

Words of advice; always defend yourself and your character! Mo’Nique released another video showing the staff of “Almost Christmas” in which she’s collected over 20 statements (but shows 3 for now) asking staff members how Mo’Nique treated them. The reason why Mo’Nique is showing these videos is because Will Packer claimed Mo’Nique is difficult to work with and the hourly staff complained about her. In the video below, the hourly staff had nothing but kind things to say.

While some of you may say, she forced them to say it, it’s clear that, that’s not the case.

While Gary Owen was correct in saying Will Packer has done a lot for people of colour in entertainment, Gary failed to realize so has Mo’Nique, and what Will did for entertainment, has nothing to do with the apparent lie he told Mo’Nique before she took the offer of “Almost Christmas”. Mo’Nique said Will offered her a film deal and tv show deal to get her to sign on to do “Almost Christmas”, and during the taping, expressed disdain for Will’s assistant who, without knocking, entered Mo’Nique’s trailer and brushed it off after being told not to do that, which Mo’Nique says is the reason for Will’s furious emails.

Gary Owen yelling at Mo’Nique asking her to take accountability was an odd thing to see. Gary Owen is a fellow comedian, he’s not in the room during meetings, nor was he on set with Mo’Nique and Will Packer during the shooting of “Almost Christmas”, which is the topic at hand, so the video he released is unfounded, baseless, and full of adoring passion for Will, which is great, but his ignorance showed as he had no idea what he was speaking of during his rant.

What we are witnessing is programming at its best. Mo’Nique is defending her name, and character, and the powers that be that were mentioned (Will Packer, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Netflix) are staying silent, and because they are, the ones who are programed are forced to believe Mo’Nique is crazy, screaming for no reason, or the one at fault. The only facts we have are the consistent receipts and proof Mo’Nique uses to back up her words. Hopefully one of the powers will use their voice to speak up for what’s right and stop allowing things to just “blow over”.

The videos below proves Mo’Nique’s stigma, “she’s difficult to work with” is more so a rumor made up by people of power to further rise, while keeping down someone they feel could show the truth about who they really are to the public, or at least that’s what it seems like to me, I’ll take visual proof over he said she said any day.

Mo’Nique Staff Videos:

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